Apple Beats Studio Buds Rød

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Weight: Studio Buds (each): 5g, Case: 48g, Total: 58g Dimensions: Length: (case) 7.2cm / 2.83in (bud) 2.05cm / 0.81in, Width: (case) 5.1cm / 2in (bud) 1.85cm / 0.73in, Height: (case) 2.55cm / 1in (bud) 1.5cm / 0.59in Other Features: Active Noise Cancelling, Bluetooth, Sports & Fitness, Wireless Form Factor: In Ear Connections: Bluetooth, Wireless Power Source: Battery Batteries: Rechargeable lithium-ion IPX4-rated sweat and water resistant wireless earbuds Up to 8 hours of listening time Activate Siri hands-free just by saying “Hey Siri” Compatible with Apple and Android